Saturday, March 13, 2010

Color block canvas

I have been lusting over these color block canvases since I first saw them...actually I've lusted over most of PW's lodge since she started posting pictures of the reno.

I had to have them... I have a hallway that is challenging to display art in. I really wanted to add a lot of color to the space but didn't want too much distraction (no need to get hung up in the hallway looking at stuff and block the flow...especially with 3 munchkins running around).

so this is what I came up with...not perfect...the green turned out too dark. But on the whole a very successful first try at creating something that is high impact and low cost (~$20 for the whole thing).

I'm fighting the urge to add some shimmer to the prints...should I? Would it help in a dark hallway...or should I leave well enough alone? I need guidance!!!

--apparently I also need counseling for excessive use of ' ... '


Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


  1. I think they're gorgeous! I've been lusting after those too ever since she posted them, but certainly NOT the price tag! You should do a tutorial, I'd love to make some of those.

  2. THANKS APRIL - I'm so glad you like them! I am going to make another set for my mom so I'll definitely take pictures and do a tutorial so check back soon!


  3. Thank you Mary! I'll add you to my reader so I don't miss anything! Have a wonderful weekend. :o)

  4. Mary...they look great...I like them as they are! PW's house is awesome...I visit her site often.

  5. These are so pretty. I think they're perfect the way they are.

  6. Wow - they are so pretty! I think you should leave them. They look great!

    Thanks for linking up to my party!